September 17, 2014

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If you’re like half of America, preparing your will is the elephant in the room. You know you have to do it. You know it’s the right thing to do, but thinking about death isn’t one of your favorite topics. So you ignore it. But today is the day to do the right thing and prepare your Last Will & Testament with Quick Law Docs. This document leaves your estate to named persons or entities, including portions or percentages of the estate, specific gifts, creation of trusts for management and future distribution of all or a portion of the estate. A will usually names an executor to manage the estate, states the authority and obligations of the executor in the management and distribution of the estate, sometimes gives funeral and/or burial instructions, nominates guardians of minor children and spells out other terms.

It’s simple, inexpensive and painless to put together. And it will protect your assets—and your family. So don’t let the courts decide how to deal with your estate. When it comes to issues such as distribution of assets, special bequests and funeral and burial directives, eliminate the burden on your family. You decide. With Quick Law Docs.


Before beginning the process of creating your Will, be sure to think through/research the following:

  • A list of beneficiaries
  • A selected personal representative (usually a family member or trusted friend)

“Money and family go together like oil and water. So when members of our family need to complete a financial agreement, we look to QUICKLAWDOCS for our documents. Whether we need a Deed Transfer, a Promissory Note or something else, we find it on this site. It’s simple and inexpensive to complete—and it makes whatever we’re doing official.”

Roberta S.
Manager MRI Center
Brooklyn, NY