July 22, 2014
Instant Legal Documents
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For most people, peace of mind is priceless.
For QUICKLAWDOCS users, it's $49.99 per document.

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Have you created a will? How about a trust, a prenuptial agreement or a power of attorney? Maybe you need a contract or articles of incorporation. Though most people find these tasks overwhelming, for most of us, there are times when documents become necessary—and important. They will protect your interests—and the interests of your loved ones.

Introducing QUICKLAWDOCS.com, the amazing, one price option for life documents. We may not have a swanky, downtown office or fancy, engraved letterhead, but the documents will fill the need and purpose intended. We try to make an intimidating and confusing process as simple as possible. You follow the simple steps, submit your information and your documents will be ready to print and sign.

Though there are times in your life you may need to hire an actual lawyer, when it comes to standard, simple documents, such as wills, power of attorney, articles of incorporation and so many more, QUICKLAWDOCS.com is the perfect solution. Our team of experts has created high quality, easily personalized documents that are binding and enforceable. And if you e-mail us a question, we will respond in a timely manner.

So why doesn’t everyone use QUICKLAWDOCS.com? There are some people who feel they have to pay more. It makes them feel like they’ve received a better product. But the truth is, the product may be the same—but the bill certainly isn’t.


Let’s try an experiment. If something happened to you today, is there someone who knows all of your most pertinent information? Like who your doctors are... all of your investments, 401ks, bank accounts and insurance information...your family members’ contact info... your emergency plan...the list goes on and on. Very few people can answer “yes” to that question. That’s why we’ve introduced “Peace of Mind.” Learn More


1. Login to our secure server
2. Complete the Questionnaire 3. Print and sign your new document
Lastly, Sign your new document and have the document notarized, if required in your state.


“Money and family go together like oil and water. So when members of our family need to complete a financial agreement, we look to QUICKLAWDOCS for our documents. Whether we need a Deed Transfer, a Promissory Note or something else, we find it on this site. It’s simple and inexpensive to complete—and it makes whatever we’re doing official.”

Roberta S.
Manager MRI Center
Brooklyn, NY